LeoColorBar 1.3.0

Adjust your desktop picture on Leopard


  • Choose any color for menu bar
  • Set image under menu bar


  • Limited features

Not bad

LeoColorBar lets you color in Leopard's transparent menu bar.

Overall Leopard is considered a success, yet one of the minor criticisms it has received has been down to the transparent menu bar.

LeoColorBar is a very basic application which allows you to change that by adding some color to the menu bar. You can choose to have rounded corners and even adjust its height.

You can also use LeoColorBar to set your background image. Just select one and drop it into the application. One of the most useful features is being able to keep the image below the menu bar.

If your not satisfied with your changes you can always revert your desktop.

LeoColorBar is a fairly basic application, and the option to change the background image doesn't really bring anything new, compared to what you can already do in System Preferences.

Being able to change the menu bar color is a nice touch but we would have liked to see a bit more options into the application.

LeoColorBar is a basic tool to change your menu bar and background image in Leopard.

LeoColorBar adjusts your desktop picture on Mac OS X 10. 5 so it doesn’t bleed through the transparent menu bar. It also lets you round the edges of the menu bar and display the whole image (so none is covered by the menu bar).



LeoColorBar 1.3.0

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